Denver Psychics

Denver Has Some of the Best Psychics

It isn’t surprising that Denver has some exceptional psychics since the city is contemporary and open to the future. Here are some of the best psychics of Denver.

Cheryl Pershey

– is a Reiki Master and Teacher who uses crystal therapy for healing. She also uses sound healing and hosts holistic workshops. She is an intuitive who believes that her job is to help you make focused decisions in life issues.

Rev. Anne Rene

– lives in Centennial, Colorado and is a psychic, medium, Shaman, and spiritual practitioner. She has devoted her entire life to holistic healing, and she has gone around the world to study healing techniques. She has also spent years studying Shamanism, indigenous Spirituality, and Esoteric teaching. She has all of the psychic gifts including claircognizance or knowing, clairalience or smelling, and clairgustance or tasting abilities.

Glenn Smith

– is a psychic who works with individuals or corporations to help them discover that we have much more control over our lives than we realize. He has worked and trained with the American Association of Psychics & Healers.

Karri Ann

– is a psychic intuitive and spiritual reader. She works with angels and many other Divine Beings of Love and Light and her personal guides. She is also able to work with a client’s guides and angels. She has a profound respect for nature, animals, and all beings.

Kaylene Willoughby

– is a psychic who works with the Christa Healing Method that frees stuck energy to enable positive change in relationships in lifestyle, health, and career. Sacred sounds are part of her tools that cause vibrational changes in the body and mind. Kaylene is also a Reiki Master who works with those who are stressed, ill, or dealing with pain.

Kim Mowery

– is an international psychic who an intuitive who counsels people on wellness. She is a psychic medium who brings messages from universal guides to her clients and helps answer life questions.

Rosemary The Celtic Lady

– is a psychic medium who is known around the world. She communicates with the other side to bring messages to her clients and to help them improve their lives through healing and love.

Cheryl Murphy

– is a psychic medium who has studied metaphysics for many years in the U.S. and in Brazil and Germany. She is a hypnotherapist and intuitive facilitator who helps others with her clairvoyant gift as well. She is able to read her client’s aura and help others move forward in their lives.


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